Creative Campuses

It has been awhile since I’ve posted, and that has been because for me, writing for pleasure while keeping up with writing for work-related reasons is a struggle. It can be hard remembering to do things for yourself while trying to complete a brand-new job and keep on top of your responsibilities. However, that’s not…… Continue reading Creative Campuses

St. Louis, MO (pt 2)

There’s little I love more than a good tourist attraction – whether I’m in my home state, perusing gift shops in the airport or an actual tourist in a new city or state. There’s an intangible excitment that comes with visiting a new place, and tourist attractions ooze that feeling by the busload. To me,…… Continue reading St. Louis, MO (pt 2)

St. Louis, MO (pt 1)

In theory, I do like city centers. I love downtown areas, the hustle and bustle of people working, commuting to and from work, tourists crowding into attractions, hotels, restaurants, and parking that doesn’t make sense. Actually, yeah, scratch that last one. Parking is the worst in downtown areas. However much it is similar to every…… Continue reading St. Louis, MO (pt 1)

Yearlong Reading List

So, as a part of my own personal desire for growth, I have made it a goal to read twenty-four new books this year. For me, this simply means books that I have not read this year, not necessarily books that have come out recently, or books that others have recommended to me. Many of…… Continue reading Yearlong Reading List